Teach First Scholarship (After the Deadline has Passed)

This is for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and is not an application.
Please reference the information below on who to contact regarding the Teach First Scholarship after the deadline on Academic Works has passed.

  • The Teach First Scholarship AFTER THE DEADLINE on the Academic Works Website has passed
    If you miss the current application period and are interested in finding out more about the Teach First Program, the participation requirements, and the possibility of receiving the Teach First Scholarship, please contact Julie Carballo, Director of First Generation Programs and the Teach First Program at North Central College.
  • Julie Carballo may be reached by email at jmcarballo@noctrl.edu.
  • About the Teach First Program:
    The Teach First Program provides the mentoring, networking and experiences for first-generation college students pursuing a degree in education. (“_First-generation_” for this scholarship is defined as neither parent having earned a bachelor’s degree.) Students involved in the Teach First Program receive a Teach First Scholarship of $1,000 during each year of their active participation in the program as students at North Central College, and will gain experiences and professional relationships that will last throughout their teaching career. These experiences include hands-on teaching opportunities, field experiences in schools during D-term each year, mentoring from alumni mentors, and professional development throughout their four years. Participation is required. Must be full-time in order to be eligible to receive.

Informational Only; Please contact Julie Carballo