Grant for Children of United Methodist Ordained Elders Scholarship (RENEWAL)

To ONLY be filled out by students CURRENTLY RECEIVING financial assistance from either the Grant for Children of Full-Time U.M. Clergy or Grant for Children of U.M. Elders.

North Central College has established a grant program for dependent children of ordained elders in the United Methodist Church who are under current full-time appointment by a Bishop and Cabinet. Students currently receiving the Grant for Children of Full-Time United Methodist Clergy or the Grant for Children of United Methodist Elders are encouraged to submit this RENEWAL APPLICATION provided they continue to meet the criteria of the scholarship.

  • Renewal of these funds is only available by submission of the RENEWAL Application AND by continuing to meet the criteria of the scholarship. Students are eligible to re-apply as long as the student continues meet the following criteria:

Eligibility for this RENEWAL Application:

  • The STUDENT must continue to be financially dependent on the parent,
  • The PARENT remains under full-time appointment in the United Methodist Church,
  • The STUDENT maintains a 2.0 cumulative grade point average,
  • The STUDENT will be full-time at North Central College while receiving this scholarship.
  • Certification from the parent under full-time appointment by the United Methodist Church is required. By the applicant entering the name and email address for the parent who meets this requirement, the certification request will be emailed to the parent.

Supplemental Questions
  1. I understand that I'm completing a RENEWAL APPLICATION and must have received this award in the current academic year.
  2. As a Continuing Student (currently attending North Central College), what will be your academic standing or classification at the start of the Fall 2019 Semester?
  3. Do you currently have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater?
  4. If you are selected as a recipient of this scholarship, will you be FULL-TIME (12-18 credit hours per semester) for the 2019-20 academic year?
  5. For a student to qualify for this scholarship, at least one parent must be a full-time minister of the United Methodist Church. Please designate from the list provided, what full-time position your parent holds. (Please select all that apply.)
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