Eltima Software Scholarship Program

Eltima Software is a global software development company, specializing in safe, trusted, and secure software and utilities for Mac.

Eltima Software offers a Scholarship Program for high school and graduate students. Our team wants to support the youth interested in Mac Software and the youth interested in planning to build a successful career in this area.

We started the Eltima Software Scholarships Program 2019 for college students and high school seniors because our team is as passionate about Mac Software as you are. Our Scholarship Program provides a unique opportunity for young and ambitious people to work on the innovative and brand new technologies that will make life easier for all of us day after day.

This year we decided to launch the scholarship program for creative and enthusiastic students, in order to give a small aid in supporting the industry for which we are a part. Eltima Software team hopes that this scholarship will give talented young people who are passionate about software for Mac an opportunity they really deserve.

To become a participant of the program, write an essay on one of the proposed topics. In the essay, you need to highlight your ideas about innovations regarding the chosen topic.
We are looking for fresh ideas in the next directions:

  • What Will the Software for Mac be Like in 3 Years?
  • Are Subscription-Based Apps the Future, or Will They Become Obsolete?
  • Mac Apps That Students Really Need During Studying in the College (University)
  • Cloud-Based Future for Mac OS

To be eligible for the Eltima Software Scholarship Program 2019, you have to meet the next requirements:

  • your age should be between 18 and 35;
  • be a student of a private or public accredited academic institution;
  • submit a unique article that matches to the topic of the program;
  • have a minimum 3.0 GPA;
  • agree that your content might be used by Eltima Software Marketing team, so don’t send it anywhere else.

To apply you need to send Google Doc or Word Doc with your essay and short information about yourself to nadine.grant@eltima.com

1 place – $1500
2 place – $1000
3 place – $500

Deadline – May 31, 2019
The winners will be announced June 10, 2019

First Place: $1,500; Second Place: $1,000; Third Place: $500