Abel Sanchez

Abel Sanchez

“Before transferring to North Central, Abel Sanchez pursued a degree in aviation. He discovered a passion for education and found that North Central had the right stuff.

‘I decided to become an educator because it’s the most rewarding and important profession of all. It was clear that North Central was the best choice for that career.’

To prepare for his career, Abel gained student-teaching experience at local high schools. He worked closely with professors to build an impressive résumé, which paid off with a job immediately after graduation. He returned to his hometown of Aurora to teach Spanish at West Aurora High School.

‘I couldn’t have asked for better faculty members at North Central; they were always willing to give career and life advice. I want to share what I’ve learned from my professors with my students.’ "

In 2016-17, Abel Sanchez extended his desire to give back by creating the Alberto Buitrago Spanish Educator Scholarship to assist full-time North Central College students in pursuing a career as a high school Spanish teacher.

Excerpt from the North Central College Website