Class of 1951 Endowed Scholarship – In Memory of Phyllis J. Ebinger

Class of 1951 Endowed Scholarship – In Memory of Phyllis J. Ebinger

This scholarship fund has been established by the Class of 1951, in memory of Phyllis J. Ebinger, who died suddenly of leukemia during her senior year.

This scholarship is a lasting memorial to Phyllis as she related to not only the senior class but also to the entire student body. She dedicated her years of education to the high ideals of her personal life and the college she loved, as she prepared for a career of serving others, sharing a positive, enthusiastic spirit in daily life.

Phyllis will always be remembered as a beautiful young woman whose personality and presence created a sense of hope and heartfelt love of life, as an adventure in learning and living one’s best. Her memory challenged those who knew her to pursue excellence with courage, humility and grace.

This scholarship is, therefore, offered as a memorial from the entire Class of 1951, symbolic of many who searched for the most in knowledge, with a commitment to give of their best during their time at North Central College and to the world that awaited their leadership and loyalty.

The recipient to receive the Class of 1951 Endowed Scholarship in Memory of Phyllis J. Ebinger, will be a student with junior or senior status, committed to serving others through the field of education or teaching.