LEV Fellows Scholarship

The LEV Fellows Program is a highly attractive option for students who demonstrate outstanding leadership potential and a keen interest in maximizing their leadership skills to improve the North Central College community in return for year-to-year financial aid incentives. Students will receive a $1,000 scholarship the first year, a $1,500 scholarship the second year and a $2,000 scholarship the third year. Scholarship renewal is pending completion of all requirements outlined below.

Student Commitments:

  • Declare and progress toward completion of an LEV concentration and/or LEV academic minor while maintaining high standards of academic achievement;
  • Engage in one approved applied leadership role (e.g., Precepting, Dispute Resolution Center Associate, Resident/Commuter Assistant, Student Government, NSLS E-Board, etc.) each academic year, with one of those experiences taking place in the context of the LEV 495 Applied Leadership course;
  • Engage in one approved service or public interest project each academic year; and,
  • Prepare an annual leadership summary at the close of each academic year listing and assessing curricular and co-curricular leadership accomplishments;
  • Note that students who participate in the NSLS program for first-year students will receive priority consideration*.

The LEV Fellows Program is open to continuing students who will be either a sophomore or a junior by the Fall 2020 Semester (First-Year and Second-Year Students who are currently attending North Central College). The NCAA division III prohibits consideration of athletics and athletics leadership for scholarship consideration.

The LEV Fellows Scholarship application is open for students to apply on February 1st each year. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Leadership, Ethics, and Values at 630-637-5160.

Scholarship Application Requirements:

  • A copy of your completed courses and grades (this information can be found and printed through your Merlin account);
  • Two (2) recommendation letter: one from a member of the North Central College faculty and one should come from a co-curricular source.
    Please ask your references to state how well and how long they have known you in the letter.

Written responses to the following questions:

  • How do you define leadership?
  • What do you believe are your strengths and weaknesses in regards to leadership?
  • What are your goals and ambitions during college, particularly in terms of leadership? Describe the sort of leader you want to be, how you hope to become that leader,
    and where you see yourself excelling. Be specific.
  • Outline your thoughts about a leadership project that you will want to pursue your first year as a LEV Fellow. Provide detailed ideas and descriptions about
    what you hope to accomplish and how you will begin to develop the project.

When making application, you will be requested to upload a copy of your completed courses & grades and written responses to the questions listed above; in addition, you will also be requested to upload your re’sume’. Having these three requested items readied ahead of time will facilitate the application process.

$1,000 for the 1st year received; Incremental increase each year renewed ($1,500, 2nd year and $2,000, 3rd year) Scholarship renewal is pending completion of all requirements.
Supplemental Questions
  1. Declare and progress toward completion of an LEV Concentration, LEV academic major and/or minor while maintaining high standards of academic achievement?
  2. What approved Applied Leadership role do you hope to be engaged in this academic year? (Please select only one.)
  3. If you selected *Other* as the Applied Leadership role you will be engaged in this academic year, please enter/ explain the Other Applied Leadership role here.
  4. Have you declared an LEV concentration, LEV academic minor, and/or LEV academic major?
  5. What is your cumulative GPA?
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