Shaun Wild Memorial Scholarship

The Shaun Wild Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the memory of Shaun Wild, an outstanding elementary teacher and a remarkable leader, who accentuated the positive and was an extraordinary example of what one individual can accomplish with a strong commitment to education.

In order to be considered for the Shaun Wild Memorial Scholarship, applicants …

  • Must have junior or senior status as of Fall 2021 Semester.
  • First preference will be given to candidates pursuing a degree in Elementary Education.
  • An essay is required.

Shaun Wild Memorial Scholarship
Supplemental Questions
  1. As of the FALL 2021 SEMESTER, will your academic standing be either Junior or Senior?
  2. If you are selected as a recipient of this scholarship, will you be FULL-TIME (12-18 credit hours per semester) for the 2021-22 academic year?
  3. Are you pursuing a degree in Elementary Education?
  4. Please provide an essay (typed; 2 pages double-spaced) outlining your plan for positive changes in the classroom. Information should include, but is not limited to, making a difference in the life of one student and positively changing the lives of many.
  5. TWO examples of Employment History are required for this application. If already listed on the General Application, please enter "See General Application" in the space provided. If you did not already add TWO references of Employment History on the General Application, please return to the General Application and add them now. This application will be incomplete without them.
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