Global Brand and Export Development Scholarship Program

The Global Scholarship Program was created to support the continued education of high-achieving students in our community. Often, people do not pursue college or graduate school because of cost and this barrier negatively impacts our country.

When individuals have greater access to education, the results are boundless in terms of creativity, conflict resolution, and critical thinking. The student loan debt crisis inhibits individuals from excelling to their highest possibilities, here at Global we want to take a step to alleviate some of that burden. This scholarship was created to help students with financial needs achieve their dreams through higher education. The scholarship award recipients are students who honor Global’s values of people, innovation, and responsibility in the advancement of their education.

Apply to our scholarship program to be considered for an award of $2,500. There will be two recipients of this scholarship with a total of $5,000 awarded. Applicants do not have to be associated with Global to be considered, it is the strength of your application that will be most considered.

Application Period: The application is run through Survey Monkey. All of your private information will not be shared with anyone outside of the Global scholarship committee. The survey will open on November 1st and close on March 31st at 2pm CST. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our CSR Coordinator Alexis via email at