American Association of University Women (AAUW) Naperville Area -- Angeline Gale Scholarship

(NOTE: In all cases where the terms “woman” or “women” are used in this document, our intent is to include the category “non-binary presenting person.”)

The American Association of University Women advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education and research. The AAUW Naperville Area is offering the Angeline Gale Scholarship of $5,000 to a woman seeking an undergraduate degree and meeting the following criteria:

Age Requirement:
Because the intention of this award is to help female or non-binary presenting persons attain a college degree even when their education has been interrupted, the minimum age for applicants is 26.

Undergraduate Degree Program:
Only students enrolled part-time or full-time in either an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree program (including accelerated programs) at an accredited institution will be considered.

Graduation Timeline:
Candidates must either: (a) be on track to graduate by December 31, 2023, if enrolled in an associate’s degree program; or (b) achieve junior status by March 31, 2023, if enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program.

Academic Scholarship:
Because this is a scholarship and not a grant, the required cumulative GPA is 3.0. Official transcripts are required of all finalists.

Financial Considerations:
The financial need of applicants will be considered. However, this does not necessarily mean that financial need will take precedence over scholarship. All criteria will be considered for each applicant.

Residency Considerations:
The scholarship is available to those who reside in or attend school in DuPage, Will, Kendall or Kane Counties in Illinois.

Quality of Written Personal Statement:
We are looking for applicants who demonstrate excellent writing skills and can delineate clear academic and life goals. We are also looking for detailed explanations of financial need.

Quality of Interview:
From the entire field of applicants, the most qualified finalists will be chosen to interview with the scholarship committee. We will be looking for articulate responses to our questions, especially regarding applicants’ opinions on the need for gender equality and higher education for women. We hope that the person chosen to receive the scholarship will consent to have AAUW Naperville Area follow up with her after the scholarship funds have been expended.

Future Goals:
During the interview process, we would also like to hear about how scholarship finalists imagine they will use their education to help create or enhance educational opportunities for women in their communities and in the broader society.

Submission of Application and Transcripts:
The completed application, including the applicant’s personal statement and financial statements, must be submitted by regular mail to the address specified in the application. Applications must be postmarked by March 15, 2023. If selected as a finalist, official transcripts also will be required. Upon request, transcripts must be submitted in the manner set forth in the application.

Publicity: The scholarship recipient must consent to allow AAUW Naperville Area to use her name, likeness and general information, such as school, field of study, and goals, for publicity purposes and must also be able to attend our annual awards brunch on May 13, 2023.

Visit for more information and to print the scholarship application. The application deadline is March 31, 2023.

Mail completed applications to:
Scholarship Committee
AAUW-Naperville Area
P.O. Box 4662
Naperville, IL 60567-4662