Max Lacewell and Brianna Sharp Memorial Scholarship

The Max Lacewell and Brianna Sharp Memorial Scholarship was established by alumni couple, Dr. Lara Ellison ’97 and Mr. Shane Ellison ’95, to honor the memories of Max Lacewell and Brianna Sharp, who died much too young of a rare brain tumor. Both children were patients of Dr. Ellison and became friends with each other through their shared fate. They displayed unbelievable courage in their daily lives, but especially in the nine months after their illness was diagnosed in October 2008 to the time of their deaths in July 2009.

The Ellisons, inspired by Max and Brianna, have established this scholarship as a living testament to the compassion, courage and generosity of spirit that both young people possessed. The primary goal of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance for a returning, full-time student in the sciences who plans to pursue a career in medicine and/or medical research with special consideration given to a student who has an interest in a career in cancer research, oncology and/or a related field committed to defeating this horrible disease.


  • Applicants must be full-time
  • Applicants must be a continuing North Central student and have sophomore, junior or senior status in the upcoming fall semester
  • Applicants must have declared a major in the sciences through his/her advisor and submit the appropriate forms to the Registrar
  • Applicants must have a cumulative 3.0 GPA
  • Applicants must exude a positive influence to the campus community
  • An essay and unofficial transcript are required

If selected, the recipient must have the ability to personally meet and express his/her gratitude to the donors.

The Max Lacewell and Brianna Sharp Memorial Scholarship may be received by a current or past recipient, provided the student re-applies and is selected again as the recipient of this award.

Dr. Lara Ellison ‘97 and Mr. Shane Ellison ’95
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you or will you be declaring a major in the sciences by the scholarship application deadline?
  2. Are you (the applicant) interested in becoming an MD?
  3. Please upload an essay (approximately one double-space page in length) listing any campus or social service involvement and how it pertains to your future career objectives and/or demonstrated leadership ability. Also, how do you anticipate your future career in the sciences will benefit the greater community?
  4. Please submit an unofficial North Central College transcript. (Class listings and grades available to you through Merlin are acceptable. Attachment must be readable; PDF format is preferred.)